Partnership For Progress


Contact Us

Corporate Headquarters

Willow Heights RCF
60191 Willow Street
Atlantic, Iowa 50022
Phone 712-243-3411
Fax 712-243-6716

Community Services

1800 W. 22nd St., Suite 100
Atlantic, IA 50022
Fax 712-243-1143

Lori Richter, CEO/Administrator

Sheryl Nelson, Direct Care Supervisor

Erica Bengel, Service Coordinator

Paula Jens, Service Coordinator

Alyson Peters, Service Coordinator

Paula Jens, Director
Phone 712- 243-1142

SCL Services
Meagan Dillon, Program Coordinator
Phone 712-243-1142

Day Program—Journey
Danni Hadley, Program Coordinator

Phone 712-243-1186


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