Habilitation Services

Partnership for Progress is an accredited HCBS-Habilitation provider for home-based and day program services.  Our provider number is 0740159.

Procedure Codes and Rates:
T2021 Day Habilitation

T2020 Day Habilitation-full day

$6.60 per 15 minute unit

$132.00 per unit

 Home-based Habilitation

H2016 U4

H2016 U5

Private Pay rate


$51.00 per day

$110.90 per day

$45.25 per hour

Rates are subject to change as they are generally determined by annual cost reports that are approved by Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME).

We do not provide any Habilitation services within the RCF as we do not feel that we can adequately comply with federal regulations in a 43-bed setting.