Residential Care Facility

Willow Heights, the 43-bed residential care facility operated by Partnership for Progress, is located in the beautiful rolling hills outside Atlantic, Iowa.  Willow Heights serves adults who at this point in their lives are unable to live independently because of mental illness, intellectual disabilities, historic substance abuse or some other disabling condition.

Willow Heights takes pride in having a well-trained, professional, and caring staff.  Staff members use their common sense and take a team approach to providing services. Since we are not a nursing facility we are not required to have nurses on staff.  Medications are passed by Certified Medication Aides (CMA’s) and direct care is provided by Resident Assistants (RA’s).  Program plans are written by Service Coordinators.  We have a contractual agreement with a psychiatric ARNP,  Mark Hensley, who is at the facility at least two times a month.

The following areas of service and training are provided:

  • Basic Living Skills: Instruction, planned experience, and guidance in activities of daily living such as cleaning of personal space, bed making, selection and care of clothing, personal hygiene and grooming, time orientation, etc.
  • Independent Living Skills: Instruction, planned experience, and guidance in areas essential for successful management of personal well-being, personal property, physical environment, personal business affairs and community living.  Examples are: Medication Management, Laundry Skills, Shopping Skills, & Money Management.
  • Social Skills: Instruction, planned experience, and guidance for successful functioning in interpersonal and group relationships with family, peers and the community.  This includes verbal, non-verbal, and receptive communication skills, manners, self-awareness, and self-control.
  • Recreation and Leisure Skills: We employ a full-time Activity Coordinator and a wide range of activities take place within the facility, in our local community and in surrounding communities.  Activities include but are not limited to: Walking & Exercise, Local & City Shopping, Outings, Gardening, Music, Arts & Crafts, Hobby Development, Bowling, Fishing, and Swimming.
  • Support Services: Staff members will actively listen to problems and provide instruction, guidance and redirection to individuals to help them improve coping skills and learn to function as responsible adults.
  • Transition Services: We work with individuals, their families and their treatment teams to insure successful transition and adaptation to the next living environment.
  • Transportation: Willow Heights provides transportation to activities planned by the facility and local appointments related to mental and physical health.  We coordinate transportation for day programming.  Local taxi service is available at resident expense.

We strive to create a home-like atmosphere.  Primarily rooms are semi-private and meals are served cafeteria style.