Supported Community Living Services

Partnership for Progress provides hourly support services to adults living in their own homes in Atlantic.  For the safety and welfare of all concerned, we only provide services to individuals who have participated in programs at Willow Heights or Journey or who are otherwise well-known to us.

Those seeking services must have mastered the skills of administering their own medications although we will gladly monitor medication compliance to ensure ongoing stability.

This program is accredited under DHS Chapter 24 and is an approved HCBS Home-Based Habilitation service.  Areas of Service Include:

  • Individualized Planning: Services will be coordinated according to each person’s needs and revised as those needs change.  Ongoing communication with team members is crucial for success; which is measured by the satisfaction of those using the service.
  • Health Care: Support staff will monitor to ensure that medications continue to be stored and consumed appropriately and that medical appointments are made as necessary.  Individuals will be educated in recognizing side effects of medications and symptoms of illness.  An LPN is employed by PFP and can make contact with each person as needed.
  • Food & Nutrition: Individuals will be educated in menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation and kitchen safety and clean-up.
  • Money Management: Individuals will be educated in establishing spending priorities, budgeting, checkbook reconciliation, etc.  Partnership for Progress will act as representative payee at no charge if requested.
  • Domestic Skills: Individuals will be taught the skills necessary to maintain a clean living environment, to launder and care for clothing, to attend to person hygiene and grooming and appropriate clothing selection.  We will also monitor work attendance and other program participation.
  • Socialization: The lack of opportunity to socialize and the subsequent feelings of loneliness and isolation can contribute to the failure of community placements.  Therefore socialization will be strongly encouraged by discussing upcoming community events, suggesting attendance at the Drop-In Center on Saturday nights, and reminding that activities at Willow Heights are offered to persons in our SCL program.
  • Transportation: Individuals will be educated on ways to resolve transportation problems such as accessing taxi coupons from SWITA, utilizing the local transit vans, walking, paying family or friends for rides, and exploring other possibilities.
  • Crisis Intervention:  Individuals are required to participate in the creation of an Emergency and Safety Plan. Those needing assistance may call Willow Heights 24/7 and speak with on-duty staff.  They may visit the facility any day between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM and may eat there occasionally for a small fee.  An emergency bed is available at Willow Heights and may be utilized without jeopardizing community placement or risking hospitalization.  In emergencies facility staff can access psychiatric or medical care for those in crisis.